Setting up a full-fledged website takes a decent amount of time and strategy. For commercial purposes, the main target of setting a website is to expand your business and generate revenue. Now, the primary revenue is generated via the traffic you get on your website or page. This is when the need for SEO or Search Engine Optimization arises. As the name suggests, you can learn about the working and algorithms which the search engine, says, Google uses and optimizes your website to increase traffic on it.

In layman’s terms, for a website to be successful, one needs to perform SEO correctly. Here are 5 things that you need to know about SEO to get started:

  1. Ranking on Google :-
  • Google uses certain algorithms to decide the ranking of your webpage in the search results. As you might have noticed, you get millions of results when you search up a particular topic, and google displays each site one by one. SEO helps to improve your ranking and ensures to make it to the top list of the search results. 
  • To be #1 on the search results for a particular keyword, you must have the proper knowledge of how SEO works. Even for a youtube video to get millions of views, sometimes only good content isn’t enough, SEO is necessary as well.
  1. Keywords :-
  • This is the basic term you will come across every now and then while learning SEO. Basically, every word you type in the search bar is called a keyword. Every keyword gives different search results and some keywords are searched more than others. 
  • For a particular meaning, you would prefer to use a keyword that has 10,000 searches per month than the one which has only 1,000.
  1. HTML Code :-
  • As you might be familiar, any website works on coding, done in HTML. On the back end, it has various types of tags out of which 3 are compulsory: Title tag, Description tag, and Keywords tag. These tags need to be edited accordingly with respect to the keywords you want to use.
  1. ON-PAGE SEO :-
  • The changes which you make to the website content, title, description, HTML code, tags, broken links, and pretty much everything on the website, optimize it so that it can pass Google algorithms and it’s ranking increases. For example, The keywords tag should contain only selected keywords that show the highest search results and are directly related to the content of your website. This is called On-page SEO.
  1. OFF-PAGE SEO :-
  •  Everything you do, apart from altering the website content, comes under Off-page SEO. This is the most important part of SEO and covers more than 50% of the processes involved. Just like the referrals you get for various apps, there are referrals for websites as well. These are called back-links. 
  • In simple terms, the link of your website is attached to a website that has higher authority and traffic. The most crucial part of SEO is to improve your ranking and increase the traffic on your website, which can be majorly accomplished via back-links.

This was the basics of SEO given in a nutshell. As a whole, SEO is a pretty vast topic and is essential when it comes to marketing. If you’re keen to expand your business and earn through your website, you’ll need to perform SEO sooner or later.

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