Blogging is one of the most trending skills one can practice in 2020. One can start blogging as a skill-development method, a just-for-fun chore, or even on a professional level – to earn money. As of now, the world is hit by a serious pandemic and almost everyone is stuck in their homes. Due to this, everyone is relying on the internet majorly to learn new stuff or passing their time. In turn, blogging websites are getting more traffic. Hence, blogging has become a great way to earn money as well.

Do you also want to start a blog but have no clue where to start? Don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss 5 trending topics on which you start a blog. Here is the list of the top 5 trending blog ideas :

  • Food Blog: This is perhaps the most searched and the most visited blog type of all time. Everyone wants good food to eat. Food blogs consist of food recipes, food images, and dining places, etc. To start a food blog, you just need the basic ideology of food ingredients and restaurants. For this, you can refer to various trending food blogs and cooking channels on youtube. Typically, nobody likes to read long or clustered content, so keep your content small, informative, and divided into paragraphs.
  • Travel Blogs: This is another top searched blog. All the travelers and adventure-enthusiasts are constantly looking for places to visit or new places to explore. Travel blogs majorly consist of photos of various places and some description regarding those places. They also include the route to get there, prices, and other relevant details. You can write about the places you have visited or wish to visit in a travel blog.
  • Fashion Blogs: Fashion blogs are one of the most common ways people use to stay updated with the latest ongoing fashion. Fashion blogs majorly consist of various photos of the latest fashion wearables, combinations, and their prices. They might also consist of links to buy them. Generally, only the people who have a keen interest in fashion start a fashion blog since it needs to be updated frequently.
  • Tech Blogs: The world is progressing in the technology sector at a much faster rate than any other sector. As a result, people who are taking interest in technology are increasing day by day. Tech blogs consist of an explanation of various technologies, updates on the upcoming ones, career advice, and whatnot. Tech blogs are the vastest and flexible type of blogs. To start a tech blog, you can use your available knowledge on any technology of your choice or refer to other tech blogs as well.
  • Photography Blogs: Who doesn’t like to see rare photos? Maybe of exotic places, a rare animal, or just some mellow city vibes. The brain understands more from photos than from words. A photography blog consists of photos and maybe some explanation of the photo. To start a photography blog, you can use either your own captured photos or copyright-free images from the internet.

So, these were some of the top blog ideas you can use to start your own blog. To see how a blog should be written, do read some of our own blogs here.

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