You must be aware of the newly booming phenomenon which has struck the market and the internet in recent years – Virtual Reality. Let’s have a quick go-through about the concept named virtual reality. 

Virtual reality is basically a computer-generated environment that is aimed at replacing the real world in such a way that the user cannot tell the difference. The user gets immersed into an unforeseen world and can even interact with the objects inside this environment. 

You might have seen 360° videos on YouTube or other platforms and may be experienced VR too, with a headset. The basic requirements for a device to project VR are as follows :





Speakers or audio plug-ins

The latest smartphones come with these features built-in, so they can be directly attached to the VR headset like Google Cardboard and used by the user. Apart from this kind of headsets, which require a smartphone to work, another kind of headsets is also available. These headsets come with all the sensors and the other basic requirements already built-in to track your head’s movements and other related stuff, and don’t require a smartphone to play VR videos. HTC Vive comes in this category, although it hasn’t been launched yet.

Now, what happens inside a VR headset? If you have ever played a VR video in a VR headset, you must have seen that the video splits into two equal parts, both parts showing the same image at the same time. When the smartphone is placed inside the headset, the lens attached within the headset widens the image to produce a surround effect, so that when you put on the headset, you shall see only that image and not your actual surroundings. The speakers work in coordination to trick your brain in believing that you’re actually experiencing what’s being played in the VR headset. 

Developing VR based technology is quite sophisticated. High-end processors and a UHD screen is required at the minimum. The video played shouldn’t be pixelized even when it’s stretched up to a large extent to produce a surround effect. The reaction of the machine should be super fast as well so that the image isn’t delayed when the user moves their head, hence high-end processors are required. VR videos can be incorporated within websites, web apps, mobile applications, and even games. VR gaming is a whole separate industrial field which is yet to be developed to the fullest.
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