Virtual Reality is the latest advancement in the field of computer technology. VR is a three-dimensional simulation created by computers that seems pretty close to the real world and can be interacted with.

To put it simply, VR is a computer-generated world that can be experienced and interacted with via the help of computer hardware and another sensory tech. 

The technologies which the modern-day computers have to offer are incredible! One can now visit a world, far beyond their imagination, with the help of VR tech.

The virtual reality experience hangs on two simple concepts :



Immersion refers to the sense up to which the VR user is involved in the virtual reality world. To put it more simply, it can be defined as the ability of the user’s senses to regard the virtual world as the real world. If the user considers the virtual world to be the real world totally, it can be said that immersion is 100%.

Now, the question is – why is immersion important in VR? Well, it’s pretty obvious. To experience VR at a perfect scale, the user must not be able to tell that it’s a computer-generated world. Generally, 3 senses are incorporated while creating VR tech – sight, hearing, and touch. If the user is able to see the scene, hear audios, and touch different objects with different shapes and structures, it is inevitable that he’ll believe it to be real. Why? Because our brain is wired in a way that relies mainly on these three senses. The response which the brain gets from the sense organs, helps the user to differentiate between real and virtual. 

Now, interaction refers to the contact between the user and the virtual world. In Layman’s terms, interaction is the extent up to which the user can affect the virtual world. If the user believes the virtual world to be the real world, he’ll surely want to confirm his stimulations. This is where interaction comes into play. 

Both immersion and interaction are done using VR techs like headsets and other gadgets. The VR headsets with surround sound technology help to immerse the user into the VR world and the VR remotes helps him to interact with it, overall creating a virtual real-life experience”.

The world of VR is widespread and new technologies keep on piling day by day. Even after that, it’s no rush for developers at Shubhchintak Technologies. We work hard to remain up-to-date with the latest tech and to provide you with the best VR solutions according to your needs! 

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