It’s 2020 and we don’t have flying cars yet. But, what we do have is a simulation of flying cars which is capable of giving you pretty much the same experience! We’re talking about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, abbreviated as VR and AR respectively. 

VR or virtual reality is a technology via which the user is able to see and experience a whole different world, a world created by computers. Whereas, AR or Augmented Reality is a technology via which the user is able to see computer-generated elements blended-in with the real world.

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Moving further, let’s now discuss what the future holds. What could be the possible upcoming VR and AR-based technologies, and where would they be used? Here’s a quick list regarding the future of VR and AR :

  • FASHION: Buying clothes online has become more popular than actually going to the store and purchasing them. Introducing more advanced features like a 3D go-through of the store and virtual try-on is one of the most exciting features VR/AR have to offer. Lenskart is already offering this feature – you can try on different glasses with just taking a picture of your face, via AR.
  • BEAUTY/MAKEUP: Alongside fashion and stuff, why not have a virtual try-on of makeup and other related accessories as well? Using AR technology, one may try on different makeups and accessories to find out what suits them the best, without actually trying them. This feature is quite similar to what Snapchat offers. 
  • AUTOMOBILES : The automobile industry has grabbed this tech up to some extent already, and is sure to use it to its full potential in the coming future. Customers can experience the drive in a particular via VR and can also see the models which are unable in the showroom via AR.
  • FURNITURE/HARDWARE: Why not have a quick scan of your room and set up virtual 3D-objects via an AR application and see what suits your room the best, or experience an already built setup via VR?
  • TRAVEL/TOURISM: This is by far, the industry which is using the VR/AR technologies to their maximum extent. 360° has become so popular, that every creator is making them. You can now find VR videos of so many exotic places that you dream of! Customers or travelers no longer have to rely on 2D images to find out the perfect holiday-spot, all thanks to the VR/AR industry.

It’s pretty obvious that the companies and organizations which are applying these technologies are getting more customers. Its human nature – to get attracted to new and cool things! Therefore, if you’re planning to inculcate VR/AR tech in your application/website or any other platform, you’re on the right path.

You’re only one step away from greatness! Connect with us, Shubhchintak Technologies, and get your VR/AR journey started today!

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