While starting a company, or running any organization, you face a number of challenges – some big, some small. But, no matter how much you cut out, you can’t cut out one task – presentation of your company/organization, that is, graphic designs.

Be it social media posts, web UI, app UI, videos, banners, posters, advertisements or titles and stuff, you want it to be top-notch because it’s the first thing the customer would look at. As the old saying goes – “First impression is the last impression”, you want the customer to look at the designs and know that this is the company they’ve been looking for!

Shubhchintak Technologies provide top quality designs, as visible on our website as well. Apart from that, we also love to give our partners the intel regarding how we work. In this particular article, we would be going over the basics of graphic designing which our graphic designers follow, namely 5 main points to keep in mind while creating a design.

There’s a famous saying in the field of graphic designing, which goes like this – “There are three responses to a design : Yes, No and WOW!” Today, you’ll learn how to create designs with that “wow factor”.

Here are the 5 important things which you must follow while creating a design :

  • Alignment : This is perhaps, the most important aspect in graphic designing. The design should be visually appealing to the observer – it should attract them even when seen among a ton of designs. To accomplish this, you must follow the rules of alignment and place every element at the perfect spot. Having the best elements is of no use until you have the proper alignment! 
  • Colours : Colours lay a huge impact on the perception of the design by the observer. You may not notice it, but colours affect the overall meaning of the design in an unimaginable way! You’ll be surprised to know that there’s actually a psychological vibe attached with each and every colour, like black gives off mystery vibes and red indicates love. Before proceeding with developing the colour pallete for any design, you must refer to the colour psychology to know whether your idea can be implemented via those colours or not, or better, use the colours which suit the vibe you want to inculcate in your design!
  • Typography : The thing which speaks the most about any design is the typography used. Perhaps, typography is the only stand-alone feature in any design, generally logos. What is it? Typography doesn’t refer to fonts or words, it is actually a blend of letters and art. Typography is how you convert a particular word or alphabet into something artistic. Always remember to explore all the typographical options before proceeding further with your designs. Or better yet, create your own typography! All you need is a word, and an idea.
  • Contrast : Contrast is the difference between two opposing elements in your design. It’s not necessarily about colour everytime, it can be regarding the fashion, size or any other aspect of the design which has two or more sides. Placing opposing elements correctly is the key to making a design look much more attractive. For example, light coloured text looks perfect on a dark coloured background, or modern art with an old fashioned tone gives the observer a unique charm, and so on.
  • Negative Space : Even when you place all the elements in your design, there’ll still be some space left out between them. This space is called “negative space”. It impacts your design in an unnoticeable way – the amount of negative space determines the final outcome of your design. Therefore, always be sure to place your design elements in such a way that negative space is neither too much, nor too less, or better – it forms another design element.

So these were the 5 main points designers always keep in mind while working on a design. Be sure to apply these next time you start a project! Also, check out our other related blog articles here.

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