With so many changes going around the globe, there is a constant need for “better” designs or better illustrations. Companies are competing not only in terms of sales, but also the look of their digital product. So, graphic designers are analyzing the upcoming trends and adjusting according to the increasing needs of the customers. 

In this article, we will give you intel regarding 3 ongoing and upcoming trends, which are sure to affect the shape of graphic designing and will give you more reasons to pursue this field!

So, diving right into it, here are 3 graphic designing ongoing/upcoming trends :

  • Rise of digital nations : From 2000 to 2020, the most drastic change to take place is sure to the digitalization of every nation. Mobiles and computers are advancing day and day and takes over hard tools, like paper and books, swiftly. There’s no saying when the time would come when we no longer need to carry anything other than mobiles/laptops with us. 

So, with the increasing advancement of technology and usage of mobile phones, one of the biggest challenge to meet is the creation of more and more designs. The design you create today, will become obsolete tomorrow. So, designers are bound to keep improving their designs continuously. Another side effect of this digitalization is the increase in jobs in the field of graphic designing. Every company wants to hire the best designer to look prettier than other companies!

  • Young people are becoming more inclined towards freelancing : It’s true that there’s a demand of more full-time graphic designers, but companies are distributing tasks among freelancers as well. Youngsters are learning and implementing their digital skills alongside attending college. In other words, students are becoming more familiar with freelancing. Benefits of freelancing? Well, it lets you improve your skills and earn money without being committed to a job, that is, you can decide how you work! 

There are many freelancers, who are ready to take up graphic designing based projects and some are even willing to work full-time! Overall, the demand of designers is getting fulfilled evenly!

  • Development of Artificial Intelligence : Machine learning concepts are taking over the industries faster than you can think. Workers are getting replaced by robots, and digital bots are handling even the most important tasks. With this increase in production of AI based tools, there’s is a need for a good looking interface as well! 

This is perhaps the latest requirement in the field of graphic designing. AI based screens/panels, websites and applications need an advanced yet modest looking front end which can entice the user and encourage them to use the tech further. So, designers need to go beyond their imagination and develop more and more intriguing designs!

Well, if you’re a graphic designer, you must have been influenced by these points and possibly even have more idea regarding your field now! And if you’re not, you might consider learning it! 

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