Flutter is a cross-platform UI development toolkit released by Google in 2018. It is used to develop software for both Android and IOS from a single codebase, that is, through a single programming language and procedure. 

Flutter comes along with tons of cool and easy-to-use features and built-in widgets. Apart from that, flutter has lots of other advantages as well! Some of them are listed below :

  • Hot Reload: Hot reload is a feature that allows the user to instantly view the change they made to their code on their screen or other hardware. The code which is updated is reloaded in less than a second! Hence, the user doesn’t need to restart the app to view the change he made in his code. 
  • Compatibility: Google has left no issues unresolved. With a variety of android and IOS devices available in the market, comes the challenge to meet the compatibility issues which rise with different versions of different OS. Flutter tackles this issue by providing a super-flexible SDE through which apps align properly with every screen size. Even the widgets get updated for newer versions of Android or IOS. Moreover, the applications are native-looking! 
  • Open-source: One of the biggest advantages of flutter is that it’s open-source and its the community is pretty wide-spread. Both Flutter and DART are free to use. The developers who are dedicated towards development via this software contribute whole-heartedly towards the Flutter community and this is resulting in a swift growth of this community and it’s popularity! 
  • Saves time and money: Flutter is an SDE which will help you to develop both Android and IOS applications through a single codebase. This means that you no longer have to fret about paying to learn or use some new software or a new programming language, you only need to know DART! Using flutter, just program the application and export it to whichever OS(android/IOS) you want to, without worrying about any issues.
  • Pre-installed widgets: Flutter offers a bunch of cool and really useful built-in widgets to use in your application. Using the predefined codes, the developer can access any widget and customize it according to his will. The widgets adjust themselves according to the OS version and the screen size.

As you can see, Flutter has so many advantages over native application-developing software and the Flutter community is also growing at a fast rate. No wonder that Flutter would definitely take the center stage in the upcoming years and will be in demand by each and every software developer, either rookie or expert! 

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