Have you ever noticed, we judge the expert level or professional level of any event or contest solely by looking at its poster? This might not seem legit, but give this a thought, it’s true! You look at a poster, see its design, its color combination, fonts, typography, and basically every appealing factor which contributes to its first appearance and have an idea in mind about the level of the event or contest the poster is for.

Therefore, as a designer, it’s necessary to create a poster that appeals to the maximum of its viewers in a positive way. In this article, we will be putting forward 5 points which makes your poster top of its class! Here are these points :

  • The topic of the poster: Research about the given topic in as much detail as you can. Develop ideas, typographies, and other design elements that relate to that topic directly or indirectly. The viewer should be able to guess what the poster is really about and not wonder for minutes about the meaning of the design elements you used.
  • Know your target audience: It’s important to know for which audience you’re making the poster. Suppose, you’re making a poster that will be posted in a college, you’re well aware that the main audience will be the college students. So, you’ll design the poster in a more techy and modern way, so that it grabs their attention. Similarly, poster needs change depending upon the main target audience. 
  • Use a pre-made template: If you’re not a professional poster designer, it is advisable not to start from scratch. Rather, select from among the thousands of poster templates available on open-source websites and other platforms. This helps you to develop ideas and gives you pretty much a roadmap for your complete task.
  • Pick the correct color scheme: Colours have an extraordinary impact on our brain. Actually, there’s the psychology behind it, known as the color psychology. For example, yellow represents happiness and black represents mystery. So, while designing “Giveaway” posters, it is advisable to use yellow and other light colors and for designing the “Ethical Hacking Workshop” posters, it is better to use dark colors like black. So, research well regarding this before selecting a color scheme for your poster!
  • Use high-quality images and stock photos: Always remember to select the correct websites to download the high-quality content you need for your poster. Be it images, icons, or other design elements, everything needs to be of high-quality. Generally, posters need to be printed out and if you use low-quality images, then they’ll blur out while expansion. So, keep in mind to download only high-quality stuff when it comes to designing. It’s precise work!

There’s no end to tips when it comes to designing. But, for now, this much will suffice. Do check out our other related articles here. 

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