React is a JavaScript library by Facebook. It’s used for building user interfaces. In most simple words, React can be said to be a front-end development tool. React is popularly used by UI/UX developers and web designers. In this article, we’ll be going through the features of React and why you should use it. So stick close! 

Diving right into it, the main features of ReactJS are as follows :

  • Wide-range components : ReactJS applications are made up of multiple individual components. The developer can modify one component independently without affecting any other components. Moreover, every component can be used several times to safe time while working on bigger projects!
  • One-way data binding : One-way data binding in ReactJS refers to the fact that the flow of data in ReactJS is unidirectional. When data flows in both directions, the softwares requires additional features, plus it consumes more time. Therefore, due to this reason, ReactJS becomes more flexible and less time consuming.
  • JSX : JSX or JavaScript XML is a JavaScript syntax extension. It’s a HTML kind of syntax used by ReactJS. This helps the HTML like text to co-exist with the ReactJS code written by the developer. It’s an optional feature, but it’s still recommended to be used for better outcomes.
  • Simple : The main feature of ReactJS is it’s simplicity. ReactJS is a component-based application which makes it more flexible. As a whole, ReactJS is easy to learn and easy to use! 
  • Performance : ReactJS is known to perform far better than other JavaScript frameworks. It’s simple, fast and easy to use. It uses Virtual DOM which basically means that whenever we create a new component, it’ll load up faster because it’s been loaded into virtual memory rather than the real memory. This leads to a smoother and faster performance.

Using react, a developer can easily create interactive UIs by simply creating the building blocks and compiling them together. Even large projects can be broken down into small chunks and be put together piece by piece. 

Before learning React, a developer is expected to have some prior knowledge of JavaScript since React itself is a Javascript library. The best method to learn React is to try it out practically. You may find all the resources at the ReactJS official website.

We hope that this article was able to provide you with a brief idea regarding what is React. Do check out our other related articles here. 

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