In Layman’s terms, Express.js is a fast and simple web application development framework, that is, it is used for developing web applications. Express.js is used in coordination with Node.js since Node.js is quite time-consuming when used independently.

Express.js has various features which makes it easier for developer to develop fast and easy-to-use web applications which otherwise will take a lot of time with Node.js. According to the official website of Express.js : “Express is a fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js.” 

Node.js has a middleware module known as connect which uses the http module. Express.js is based on this particular middleware and the same is used to coordinate between Express.js and Node.js. Moreover, any middleware which is based on connect will work with Express.js as well!

Coming to the advantages of Express.js, we have summarized some key points, that is, a list of advantages that Express.js offers you. They go as follows :

  • Configuration of Express.js is quite simple and the user can even customize the framework according to their needs.
  • Express.js allows the user to define an error-handling middleware, that is, a portal for error detection and debugging.
  • The Node.js web application development system is quite complicated and slow-paced. Express.js makes it faster and easier.
  • Express.js even allows you to define independent routes of your application based on the HTTP modules and URLs. 
  • Along with Express.js, many other middleware modules are included as well. These modules can be used to perform some additional tasks upon request.
  • It is easy to integrate Express.js with different template engines such as Jade, Vash, EJS etc.
  • Using Express.js, the user can create REST API server as well.
  • It is easy to connect Express.js with databases like MongoDB, Redis, MySQL.

Before learning Express.js, the developer must have the basic knowledge regarding JavaScript and Node.js, since Express.js is based on those two and works in coordination with the latter.

There’s no end in resources for web development and web application development. There are numerous softwares available for free to help ease the task, yet web development is an intriguing and complicated work. To know more, do check out our other articles on web development and other related articles.

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