Seeing the title of this article, the very first question which pops up in the mind of a beginner is – what is WordPress? In most simple words, WordPress is the simplest way and the most popular one to create your own website or blog. According to the official WordPress website, around 38% of all websites/blogs on the internet, are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is a vast domain, with so many cool features which makes it harder to explain in a few words. But, in this article, we’ll go around WordPress and have a check regarding its main structure and features in a quick manner! 

Firstly, let’s learn a little about the structure of WordPress. To be technical, WordPress is an open-source Content Management System(CMS). Now, a CMS is basically a tool which lets you manage important aspects of your website or blog without the use of coding. This makes WordPress accessible to people from every domain, even people who aren’t developers and are not familiar with the structure of a website or blog.

At the beginning, WordPress was solely used for making blogs. But recently, the software has been updated, and now WordPress can be used to make traditional websites with a ton of features. Using WordPress, you can create:-

Business websites

Technical websites

E-commerce websites





Social networking sites

Membership websites

Basically websites in every domain.

WordPress gives you the option to create your own free website/blog through wordpress.org or get a paid one through wordpress.com. Either one is great, but generally people opt for the free one, due to a ton of pre-added themes and features it offers!

Now that you have an idea about what actually is WordPress, let’s have a quick go-through around it’s main features. So, here’s a list regarding the key features of WordPress :

  • Simple: It’s quite easy to use WordPress. If you have content, you can set up your website and get your content out in no time!
  • Flexible: Using WordPress, you can build any type of website/blog – be it for cooking, photography, business or any other domain. You can make it beautiful using the various themes available and even extend it via plug-ins. 
  • Tools: WordPress offers you a handful of tools for publishing and managing your content on your website/blog. Make your pages public or private and view your drafts, schedule, and posts easily using the pre-installed publication tools!
  • Freedom : As mentioned earlier, WordPress is a free open-source software. This means that you have the freedom to install it and modify it in whatever way you want. You can even distribute the software without any privacy issues!
  • Community : The WordPress open-source community is pretty vast and supportive. You have creators from every domain linked up who are quite active on the WordPress forum as well. If you ever get stuck, you can get help instantly!

Well, this concludes this guide for WordPress. You can gather more intel on the official WordPress websites or wait for our next article on WordPress which will be added soon. Do check out our other related articles here!

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