Machine Learning is perhaps one of the most advanced technologies available in the world right now. The computer has come so close to humans only due to this particular technology and its sub-technologies. Apart from helping our world progress, Machine Learning is progressing itself as well. You use it every day – Google Maps, Google Assistant, recommendation systems, etc., without even knowing it.

Here are the 5 most popular and most used applications of Machine Learning :

  • Image Recognition: This is perhaps the most common use of Machine Learning. Using ML, image recognition is possible, that is, the computer is able to distinguish between different images and recognize a particular person or object in the image – just like Google Photos. If you’ve used Google Photos, you must know that it separates and categorizes photos of you and your friends by recognizing them, no matter the pose. This is achievable only through Machine Learning.
  • Speech Recognition: Just like image recognition, Machine Learning is able to do speech recognition as well. The computer is able to distinguish between different words and is also able to recognize different words and sentences, that too in all languages. Speech Recognition is the reason why features like “Voice typing” and “speech-to-text” have been possible. Moreover, personal assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa also use speech recognition for many purposes.
  • Recommender Systems : This is another common use of Machine Learning which you must be encountering on a daily basis. Based on your searching and browsing history, the website is able to display related posts or items on the main window or under the “Recommended” section. Some common examples are Youtube, Netflix and Amazon. You see recommended videos, series or items as soon as you open the app or the website.
  • Traffic Prediction : Machine Learning has enabled the computer to predict the traffic at a particular spot or on a particular route by knowing the number of vehicles passing through a particular spot. When you navigate using Google Maps to reach a particular place, Google Maps shows you the shortest route to get there. The shortest route is found out by predicting the traffic on different routes and finding out the route with the least traffic and distance.
  • Spam Filtering : Ever saw your spam inbox and wondered how does the application classify a mail as spam or non-spam? Well, this too is done by Machine Learning. The application is coded in such a way that upon receiving a mail it is able to classify it as spam or non-spam for the convenience of the user. Due to this, only the non-spam mails are visible in your inbox.

These were just some of the main uses of Machine Learning. There are many other uses as well. Read about Machine Learning and other related articles here.

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