IoT is one of the most trending buzzwords in 2020. In simple terms, it means “electronics with internet connectivity”. Basically, any device which performs a specific function and has internet connectivity in it is an IoT device. The device or the system which performs the task is known as an Embedded System. If you think about it carefully, you are surrounded by IoT devices. From smartwatches to self-driving cars, there are tons of IoT devices around us. Let us have a look at the top 5 most common real-world applications of IoT devices.

Here’s the top of the top 5 real world applications of IoT devices :

  • Wearables: This is perhaps the most common and the earliest applications of IoT. Wearables including Fit-Bits, smartwatches and heart-rate monitors, all are IoT devices. They perform a specific task or various tasks and can be linked to the internet for more advanced features. More and more updates are coming up every year to the wearables’ industries due to the advancement of IoT and other related technologies.
  • Home appliances: This is another common example of application of IoT. Home appliances including smart TVs and smart refrigerators use really advanced IoT technology. These are big devices with much bigger circuits than smartwatches and hence use more embedded systems. Smartwatches can be built by only using a single system or circuit, but these devices have many systems and huge circuits. Designing them can be quite complicated as well.
  • Agriculture: This is a sector where the use of IoT devices has increased rapidly over the past few years and is increasing still. Gadgets like soil moisture sensor and temperature indicators are being employed for better farming and hence better outputs. The demand for IoT devices in this sector is quite high as of now.
  • Medicine: Healthcare and health-monitoring devices are essentially IoT devices. Gadgets like glucose sensors which indicate the level of a particular chemical in our bodies are the most fundamental IoT devices. Smart dialysis machines and other devices are also being employed to provide patients with better healthcare facilities.
  • Smart cities : The world is progressing at a pretty fast rate. Every country is competing with other countries to provide its citizens with much better and advanced facilities. Smart cities are being developed. Technologies like advanced traffic systems and AI based CCTV cameras are coming into play at more and more places. The world is progressing with the power of IoT.

As you can see, the usage of IoT is vast. There are so many devices around us that work on the concept of IoT. This in turn has created numerous job opportunities for IoT beginners and experts alike. We are sure to see the pretty cool tech in the coming future. Learn more about IoT and other related technology here.

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